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About Our Vision & Yours… Defy     Model     Management     is     the     premier     European     management     company     dedicated     to representing   transgender,   gender   queer   and   gender   fluid   models,   actors,   presenters,   performers, motivational speakers and sports people.  We   are   the   first   and   only   UK   management   company   to   represent   all   races,   ages   and   body   types across   the   gender   spectrum.   Our   primary   market   is   European   but   we   have   extended   representation into   Northern   America   and   the   Pacific   Rim.   The   Defy   Model   Management   Team   has   over   40   years experience of specifically championing transgender individuals. We    are    passionate    about    what    we    do    and    the clients   we   serve.   It   is   our   privilege   to   work   with some     of     the     most     socially     progressive     and commercially   savvy   companies   and   to   represent some amazing people.   It   is   our   view   that   those   who   are   trans   or   differently   gendered   are   not   just   beautiful.   They   also have   remarkable   fortitude,   talents,   insight,   wit   and   intellect   forged   from   having   defied   and survived society’s prejudices. Our   strong   commitment   to   providing   a   supportive   platform   for   these   inspirational   individuals   and   to   develop   them   as   successful   models   and performers is unshakeable. We see them as talented humans first, with their respective gender narratives second. Our   mission   is   to   see   the   day   when   it   is   unremarkable   for   differently   gendered   individuals   to   feature   positively   and   routinely   alongside   other ‘mainstream’   models   and   performers.   When   transgender   and   differently   gendered   is   actually   mainstream,   not   newsworthy   and   the   community is fully represented as valued consumers and citizens across all sectors.   As part of our ambition we never seek to pigeon hole or use ‘labels’; we prefer our models and performers to speak for themselves. Join   us   and   be   part   of   this   rapidly   developing   evolution.   We   actively   welcome   global   enquiries   from   differently   gendered   individuals   as   well   as companies, organisations, schools, colleges and universities all seeking to make a positive social difference.
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