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We welcome all enquiries from across the world - so feel free to e-mail us! models & all other talent types - please submit your details & enquiry using our form below Client Enquiries: |General Enquiries: |Press Enquiries: Defy   Models   represents   the   full   diversity   of   those   who   consider   themselves   as   differently   gendered.   Therefore   we   encourage   applications   across all   ethnicities,   ages,   body   types,   sexual   orientations   and   health   statuses.   We   are   particularly   keen   to   feature   transgender   families   and   will   also consider applications from transgender children under 18, subject to being accompanied by full parental consent. Previous   modelling   or   performing   experience   is   not   absolutely   necessary.   You   must   however   be   enthusiastic,   committed,   open   to   learning   and have   a   ‘can   do’   attitude.   At   the   present   moment   Defy   Model   Management   does   not   hold   open   auditions.   We   do   offer   suitable   candidates   private appointments   subject   to   approval   by   our   Director.   These   are   held   at   our   HQ   offices   in   Rotherham,   UK.   If   you   are   overseas   or   cannot   reach   our Rotherham HQ we are able to offer virtual appointments via Team Viewer in the first instance. To   submit   your   details   for   consideration   please   complete   the   form   below   with   a   minimum   of   one   clear,   high   quality   digital   photograph.   It   is   not necessary   for   you   to   pay   for   expensive   photos.   A   good   photo   taken   by   a   friend   or   relative   will   suffice   at   this   stage.   Please   ensure   that   you   are shown   as   naturally   as   possible   i.e.   no   hair   styling   products,   make   up   or   elaborate   costuming   and   photos   are   taken   against   a   neutral,   clutter-free background. Please wear all black. We will contact you for additional photos if we feel we can work with you further.